“The Main Thing Is Not To Panic,” Says Newcastle Standout

Isaac Hayden has been one of the standout players thus far for Newcastle. He has picked up right where he left off last season and put in some solid performances.

He has also shown his versatility as he has played all over the pitch in the first two games. Though we prefer him to play centrally where he was able to thrive during the second half of last season.

Isaac has also grown to be one of the new leaders at the club. He played under Steve Bruce at Hull City before joining Newcastle. His familiarity with Newcastle’s new head coach seems to have helped the squad in their adjustment to Bruce.

He also has been very vocal this pre-season about rallying behind Steve Bruce while trying to move forward from the past.

Isaac Hayden– new leader on Tyneside

However, Isaac has looked to past experiences with Newcastle to help calm some nerves about the two opening losses of the season.

The Chronicle have published some comments from Isaac about some similarities between this season and the past three:

“The main thing I’d say is not to panic.

“We have been here before, so many times.

“It’s not what the players want.

“But we have started the season before badly in the Championship when I first joined.

“We started badly then, and we have started badly in the Premier League the last two seasons.

“It seems to be what we’ve done.

“We want to improve of course, and we will try to do that against Tottenham, but we know it hasn’t been good enough.”

We remember the start to the Championship very well as Newcastle lost it’s first two games against Fulham and Huddersfield. However, they would go on to win their next five games before a loss to Wolves.

Newcastle also started the past two seasons in the Premier League very slowly. They were able to slowly turn the screws before finishing both campaigns comfortably in mid-table.

So many players in the side have indeed been through similar situations before. However, there is one glaring difference between this season and the three previous ones.

Newcastle were coached by Rafa Benitez the past three seasons, and this year it is up to Steve Bruce to turn around this team’s fortunes.

Steve Bruce has three games upcoming, including the cup game against Leicester, to start turning the tide before an international break comes the first two weeks of September.

This is what Isaac has to say about what is coming next for Newcastle:

“We have Tottenham, Leicester, and Watford who are all good sides.

“We proved against Arsenal if we can be tight and resolute we can get close to getting results like last season.

“The main message is not to panic.

“We have been here before.

“As players, we understand that we have to get results, but there is no need to panic.

“The Norwich result won’t relegate us.

“There are still 36 games left, and it’s up to us to change it.

“We can all talk, but it is the actions on the pitch that matter.”

What Isaac says here is very sensible, and we do acknowledge that it is early in the season. However, we also need to see some more action on the pitch.

It’s results that matter now, and we must see signs that this season can be turned around like the last three.

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