Newcastle Man Reminds Everyone It’s Still Early Days

Saturday’s performance at Norwich has become a quandary for those Newcastle fans who have vowed to get behind Steve Bruce and give him time.

There are some fans who just won’t support Steve Bruce as the manager for a variety of reasons. But one of the main reasons is their conviction that he just isn’t good enough.

The Arsenal result was disappointing as Newcastle were in the game but just couldn’t put it together for a full 90 minutes to get a result. Steve Bruce had only been with the team less than a month with the new signings having joined later than that.

So the fact that Newcastle were only one mistake away from getting a decent result to Arsenal, even if it was a weakened Arsenal, was encouraging.

Many hoped that another week of preparation would show even more progress from Bruce and the team. They expected to see a performance that showed more tactical familiarity with the new signings gelling a bit more.

Well, there was none of that. There wasn’t even stagnation, which would have been acceptable. It was a complete demolition of everything that had been built over the past three years.

Gone was the structure, the shape, the defensive acumen, and most disappointingly the passion. This is where most fans now have grave concerns.

Matt Ritchie– has been one of the better plays the past two weeks

One player who did a decent job under the circumstances at Carrow Road was Matt Ritchie. While his final ball was sorely lacking, it had been at Arsenal as well. He still played with the passion that he is known for.

He has called for some calm following the display at Norwich. The Chronicle have published some of his comments.

He is trying to remind us all that it is still early days, and while Norwich was unacceptable, Steve Bruce and the new signings still need some time.

This is what he said:

“You guys, the fans and everyone will all have their own opinions.

“Mine is that we have stick together, continue to work hard, try to improve.

“The group is very similar to what we had last season.

“I still believe the new additions can strengthen us.

“Everyone has to be patient.

“We have new players in, and there’s been a slight adjustment to the system.

“We’re only two games into the system.

“No, we didn’t play very well so we will look at that, find the reasons, work on it throughout the week and go again next week.

We do feel it is still crucial for the players to get behind the manager. There is not much they can say about the performance against Norwich other than to hold their hands and accept responsibility.

The problem we have is that there were no signs of just a slight adjustment to the system on Saturday. Also, no signs that the new players will strengthen the side. In fact, we just don’t know where the goals are going to come from without Salomon Rondon and Ayoze Perez.

It is really unfair to expect Joelinton to hit the ground running this early in the season. Steve Bruce does not have the luxury of slowly introducing Joelinton into the squad, which could have been more beneficial to him.

There are no other options right now, so Joelinton has to be the main striker. Matt also made some comments about the Brazilian which we do agree with.

“He’s new to this league, and like anyone who comes over here, he has to get used to it.

“He is finding out what it is all about, but we’ve already seen in training, he has a lot of qualities, and I am sure we’ll see them on the pitch before too long”

We do agree that it is early days for Joelinton and that he needs time. It’s just unfortunate that the club have not allowed him the opportunity to get settled before being thrown into the deep end.

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