Bruce Gives Brutal Assessment Of Performance Ahead Of Tottenham

Recently Isaac Hayden and Matt Ritchie have come out and been critical of the performance at Norwich on Saturday. They both, however, have tried to look at the positives moving forward.

Isaac has concentrated on Newcastle’s past experience with difficult starts as being reason enough to believe the club can get out of the current situation.

Matt Ritchie has tried to put emphasis on the fact that it is still very early in the season and that things will turn around in due time.

Steve Bruce has also tried to look forward to getting the team ready for the next match at Tottenham. Though he has expressed his big disappointment with the performance of the players.

The Daily Mail has published some more comments by Bruce about the performance on Saturday. These ones maintain a much harsher tone than the previous ones from Bruce:

“I can’t go onto the pitch with them. But the one thing in management I’ve always tried to instill into my team is yes, we make mistakes, but I can’t forgive a performance where basically you don’t put your boots on.

“Unfortunately, it’s happened already, which is the second game in, but I’ll do all I can to make sure that changes.

“We’ve got to do the basics better.

“Whatever level you’re at, the first thing you have to do is do more than the opposition. I didn’t think we did that.’

These are brutal but accurate statements from the head coach. And it is now up to him to make sure setbacks like last Saturday’s don’t happen again.

This team can ill afford another dreadful performance at Tottenham. We aren’t expecting the team to go to Spurs and win, however, we are expecting to see progress under Steve Bruce. That must happen on Sunday.

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