Andy Carroll Describes What He Will Bring To The Newcastle Attack

Andy Carroll has given an extensive interview on the Newcastle United website. This interview chronicles his journey from his youth days through his times at Liverpool and West Ham, and ultimately back home to Newcastle.

It is a really revealing interview in which Andy shows his maturity and growth from when he was a young man with a bit of a reputation. However, he is back at Newcastle United right now and really seems to appreciate the new chance he has at his hometown club.

While Carroll does say that he despises the gym, he is continuing to work hard to get back to what he loves, and that is playing football. He wants to be back on the field terrorizing defenders. That is what he is known for. As a powerful center forward with a powerful left foot.

Andy has made some comments about his style of play and how it is an under-appreciated aspect of the modern game. This is what he has said:

“It’s actually probably a shame because I think a lot of teams need some of the things I can do.

“I don’t think for one minute that I’m the only person who can do it, but I do think it’s a shame that there’s not many players around.

“I just enjoy it – I really enjoy just getting involved and throwing myself around. I think when you stand out of it, and you’re not involved in it, it’s not fun. You need to be in the mix, getting involved.

“You see most teams now trying to look for the smaller, more athletic players, and it’s nice to know there’s some managers out there who appreciate that that’s not what it’s all about and that you can change it up, chop it up.

“I actually think there needs to be more players like this.”

We are filled with anticipation to see Andy back out on the pitch. We think he will link up very well with either Joelinton playing slightly behind him or even with Dwight Gayle as a partner. Carroll will give Steve Bruce a lot of options if he can stay fit.

We also don’t mind if Steve Bruce goes to a more traditional direct style of football at times this season. Getting results is what will matter the most this season, and however the team gets points on the board is fine with us, as long as they do.

Andy is also filled with anticipation about getting back to playing football. These are his thoughts about returning to St James Park for the first time this season.

“I can’t wait to just walk out at St. James’. I really can’t. Honestly, I can’t describe it.

“I walked into the stadium when I was signing and walked down the side of the pitch. Just an unbelievable feeling.

“When I put the shirt on and walk out. I can’t describe it. I’m more buzzing to put it on now, the shirt than I was when I was 17.

“I’m so excited.”

Hopefully, Andy will get to return next month. The reported target is away at Liverpool on September 14th. The first home game after that will be home to Brighton.

That match is now looking like a massive fixture for Newcastle. It would be great to have Andy available to make his return to St James Park then.

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