Tim Krul Is Excited And Ready To Face Newcastle For The First Time

Our former goalkeeper and future foe, for Saturday’s game at least, Tim Krul has given an interview at The Pink Un, which is a Norwich City news site.

Tim will face Newcastle for the first time in his career after spending over a decade with the club he joined as a teenager. He left on a bit of a sour note but still has close ties with Newcastle United and the fans.

This will be a match that Tim will be ready for. He even seems to have it marked on his calendar. This is the tweet he sent out in June when the fixtures were announced.

Let’s hope Tim goes 0 for 2 in his predictions on this one.

In speaking to The Pink Un, Tim was asked about the fixture list and whether he looked for the Newcastle match. He generously replied:

“Definitely, it’s the one you look out for.

“And then, obviously, you see Liverpool first game, Newcastle second, Chelsea third, and I was like ‘Ugh’ and then Man City in the fifth game. So yeah, hard, difficult start.”

That was really nice of Wor Tim to not single Newcastle out from those four. Yes, that is quite a difficult start for the promotion side.

Tim was then asked how he felt about facing Newcastle for the first time:

“It is a little bit. I mean I’ve still got a lot of friends up North. My missus’s family is still living up there.

“So I’ve got a great connection with the club. It’s just exciting. I’ve moved on obviously.

“I didn’t want to move the way I ended up moving, but that’s football sometimes. I’m so excited to be back in the Premier League with Norwich.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to our first win on board on Saturday.”

Tim mentions the bitter ending to his Newcastle career a few times in the interview, but always follows with the caveat that he has moved on. He has done tremendously well to come back from his knee injury and find his way back to the Premier League with Norwich City.

Tim has always had a great relationship with the Newcastle fans and he will be one of them now having spent much of his formative years at the club. When asked about the fans at Newcastle, this is what Tim had to say:

“I’ve always had a great relationship with them. They knew as well the way I left wasn’t really meant to be like that.

“If you are at a club for ten to eleven years, you want to walk out the front door. I mean enough has been said about that and the fans know that.”

Tim was also asked if he had a chance to see Newcastle’s game against Arsenal and it looks like he made sure to record the game. Good job, Tim!

This is what he said:

“I recorded the game. They’re a good team. Obviously, people are excited in Norwich at the moment about how we finished the game at Anfield and rightly so.

“They’ve got some threats up front for sure. Some new players who look lively. We have to be on top of our game.

“The way we played the second half in Anfield I think, is the minimum.”

It always nice to hear from Tim Krul who will forever be associated with his time at Newcastle. We also admire the way Norwich stormed through the Championship last season.

Tim will get a lot of action in goal this season for the Canaries. If he can play as well as he did last week, then they could have a chance at staying in the Premier League this season. We just hope they start that process the following week against Chelsea.

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