The Coaches’ Voice Takes A Look At Newcastle Vs Arsenal With Encouraging Analysis For Fans

The Coaches’ Voice has done a tactical analysis of Newcastle’s loss to Arsenal on their website. This website is dedicated to giving insights into football from a coaches point of view.

The linked article is a detailed study of Newcastle’s and Arsenal’s tactics from Sunday’s match. Most of the analysis is on what Newcastle tried to do as the writer feels that the home side were on the front foot for most of the match.

The big takeaway for us from this article is that Newcastle were a match for Arsenal. Arsenal did counter what Newcastle were doing in an attempt to edge the game but, ultimately, it was the mistake that was the difference between the two sides.

The Coaches’ Voice has also tweeted out a synopsis of the linked article. However, the article is very well done and is actually pretty encouraging if you have a chance to check it out.

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