Lee Charnley Issues Statement On “Fabricated” Bruce Report

We have been distressed over the recent comments made by Newcastle managing director Lee Charnley. Lee illogically thought it would be wise to go after Rafa Benitez seemingly out of the blue in some of his notes for this past Sunday’s match.

While there were issues with some of the other topics he decided to touch upon, it was the personal smears of Newcastle’s ex-manager that troubled us the most.

This club has had a Jekyll and Hyde summer in the communications department. Fans had implored the club to give some indication of the situation in regards to a takeover and the status of beloved manager Rafa Benitez.

Even Newcastle legend Alan Shearer devoted one of his Sunday pieces in the Sun to the radio silence coming from his hometown club. It was the day after Alan wrote his article that Newcastle released a quick statement of Rafa’s departure.

Then the club returned to the cold, clinical silence as the fanbase mourned. The search for a new head coach was similarly cloaked in uncertainty as was the dwindling hope that any takeover would happen.

Steve Bruce would belatedly be appointed manager and have to sell his appointment to the press and the fans. The club, for the most part, remained silent even with a brewing compensation scandal with Sheffield Wednesday, who Bruce had left to join Newcastle.

Steve Bruce

We remember Alan Pardew’s appointment being met with similar disgust from the fanbase. He had been hired when popular coach Chris Hughton had unceremoniously gotten the sack in 2010.

Alan seemed a lonely figure as he attempted to justify the situation surrounding his hiring. He found little help from the powers that be at Newcastle.

Steve Bruce has handled the current circumstances very well. Though he may be hoping that the club go back to their policy of silence as Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley have done little to help him when they do decide to communicate.

The Chronicle have published an interview where Lee Charnley has dispelled some of the controversy surrounding Steve Bruce’s appointment.

This is how Lee has responded to the notion that Steve Bruce was very low on the list of contenders for the head coach position:

“Nonsense. Absolute garbage.

“That (11th choice) was a complete fabrication.

“It is disrespectful to Steve and it was done to try to create negativity around him.

“It is completely false.”

“The reality is we went through a comprehensive and extensive process.

“Steve was always somebody who was in our thinking.

“But you have to explore every option.”

“Steve is a really nice guy and genuinely cares about the city and the football club.

“He is somebody we can have a really good relationship with and we can work with.

“He is also an excellent man-manager.”

These comments are what should have been written on Sunday instead of the garbage about Rafa Benitez. This would have been more in line with the club’s assertion that it is trying to move forward.

The fact that Steve Bruce was employed at Sheffield Wednesday most likely had him further down the list than other candidates. How far down doesn’t really matter, but Lee Charnley should have responded to this a lot sooner than now.

We welcome Lee Charnley to be more open with the fans. However, we hope he shows more wisdom in how he chooses to do that. Supporting his head coach is at least a decent start.

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