Ex-England International Declares What Will Give Bruce Breathing Room At Newcastle

A lot has been made about how Steve Bruce will have Newcastle play in a more open and attacking style this season. We saw a bit of that this past weekend against Arsenal.

Newcastle did have some chances but failed to produce anything of real quality in the final third. The fact that Joelinton had a few chances was encouraging but realistically they will have to do a lot better going forward. We have faith that they will be able to do just that as the new signings and head coach have more time on the training ground together.

The style of play was decent but we are still uncertain if this is the best formation with this squad of players. Though, we do like some of the attacking options it brings.

However, it is really only results that will matter for this Newcastle team. While last weekend’s game at Arsenal was a half-decent first step, it was a missed opportunity at getting a much-needed result.

While we did play a perennial top-six club, it was a weakened Arsenal side that came to St James Park. But Newcastle were a match for much of the game until Arsenal’s quality was able to secure them three points.

Steve Bruce and Joelinton– Steve Bruce’s success will depend on Brazilian’s goals

Danny Mills in Football Insider has spoken about Steve Bruce and whether this style of play will help him win over some of the Newcastle fans.

This is what he had to say:

“Yeah, definitely. As a manager you get judged on results, signings and style of play.

“Signings will take a little bit of time, we won’t know about that for a while. Obviously results we know instantly, that happens on the first day.

“Style of play is a massive thing in this day and age and this new era of modern football.

“If they can have an attacking style of play, creating chances and the fans are happy with that, it perhaps gives you that little bit longer with the fans in that honeymoon period.”

We basically agree with Danny here as the style of play will help a bit. However as we saw this weekend with some of the criticism of Steve Bruce’s decisions during the game, it’s ultimately results that will matter.

While there is not too much we can gather from the initial performance, this Saturday’s match should provide a better bellwether for what to expect this season. However, it’s going to take a good run of games to see what this team really is.

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