Newcastle United Should Return To Their Policy Of Silence

On Sunday Morning, Lee Charnley had extensive comments in the matchday programme. He spouted the same old tripe about putting all of the money the club earns back in the club and about ambitious aims they had for the season.

It sounded desperate, and when someone truly changes, they don’t tell you about it in a long-winded commentary. They embody the changes they have made and words are often unnecessary. When someone tries to convince the masses of your intentions, it comes across as coercive and transparent.

In the programme, Lee Charnley also took digs at former manager Rafa Benitez. It was the same day Rafa wished Steve Bruce and Newcastle United luck in their upcoming season. The gulf in class between the two was there for all to see.

Well, Rafa Benitez has responded to Lee Charnley’s petty and unwise remarks about Rafa’s decision to not stay with Newcastle.
This is his response as written in the Daily Mail.

“I tried to do my best every day, even staying when we went down to the Championship and saying no to other offers — bigger offers than the one I recently accepted with Dalian Yifang, by the way.

“If I was only interested in moving for money, as Charnley stated, I could have done it much earlier.

“Newcastle’s board had a year to sort out my contract but, when we met after the end of last season, they didn’t make me an offer I could accept.

“They told me they didn’t want to invest in the academy or the training ground — if they like, I can explain the reason why Mike Ashley refused to do that.

“Their idea of a project was a policy of signing players under 24 and, in my opinion, the budget available was not enough to compete for the top 10.

“After that meeting, I knew they would not come back with a serious offer and, when it arrived, 19 days later, it was for the same salary as three years earlier and with less control over signings.

“Charnley’s comments in the programme about having a deal agreed for Joelinton in February explains a lot that I couldn’t understand at that time.

“After three years of unfulfilled promises, I didn’t trust them.”

We don’t blame Rafa Benitez one bit for defending himself as it was Charnley who fired the first shot. However, this has to end. This back and forth between the club and former manager is adding more chemical waste to the toxic sludge that our club has become.

Both sides have given pleaded their cases in public and it really needs to end right here. Lee Charnley should not respond. We don’t know who put Lee up to his farcical statements in the programme, but we have an idea.

It is this club who has spoken of moving forward since Steve Bruce has arrived. However, they are the ones digging up the corpses of the past and throwing them into Steve Bruce’s path.

We begged for communication from this club but now that they have spoken, we encourage them to return to silence. They need to stay in the shadows and let the players and coaches try to salvage a season out of the disorder they have unleashed.

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