It’s Up To Leaders Like This To Take The Club Forward

We have to say that even with all of the turmoil surrounding the club, we are thrilled with the attitudes of some of our players. We are also amazed at their resiliency. Tuesday was another day of endurance for the average Newcastle fan.

It started with another storm as Rafa Benitez defended himself against the petulant comments in Sunday’s programme by Lee Charnley. Rather than embodying the club’s mantra of moving forward under Steve Bruce, Lee had to unnecessarily drag the Rafa Benitez situation back into the sunlight. We hope that the back and forth will end now as it makes the task at hand that much more difficult for the head coach and players.

What does do the club a great service is the positivity emanating from our players. We have had a torrent of comments since our narrow loss to Arsenal just two days ago showing a squad that is together and willing to look out for each other.

First in line has been Isaac Hayden. Isaac was our man of the match on Sunday and he is growing into one of the most vocal leaders of this team.

We have found the following comments he made to BBC Newcastle and are really impressed with the sensibility displayed.

While some may question the word “progress” with all that has happened in the past few months. We take Isaac to mean the progress since Steve Bruce has arrived. To be fair to Bruce, it has been remarkable that he and this club have put the outside pressures to the side and tried to get on with it.

The players have moved forward in an effort to build something this fanbase can be proud of. While it may not come to be, their attempt is at least admirable. We just wish that everyone at the club could move forward as well.

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