Ashley’s Bluff Called On Ill-Advised Offer – Will He Respond?

On July 26th, Mike Ashley gave a carefully crafted interview to the Daily Mail in which he finally spoke out about the departure of Rafa Benitez among other things. The timing of the interview was suspect as it came just hours after the Sports Direct annual results fiasco.

During that verbose and rambling monologue, Mike Ashley made the following statement:

“Some of the fans don’t even believe the accounts. ‘Where’s the money? You’ve got it somewhere.’

“But you can put any accountant on our books and it’s whiter than white. I’ve felt like challenging the fans on that sometimes.

“I’ll pay and you can have an independent auditor come in and review us. But will you please stop saying these things? I’m guilty of a lot, but not that.”

Well, the Magpie Group has taken Mike Ashley up on that offer with the following release.

While this will most likely be ignored by the the club, this is an example of how Mike Ashley is his own worst enemy. He needlessly has set into motion another controversy. His lack of a response to this will only feed the fires of distrust that are already beyond control.

Mike Ashley should respond to this request. He can either accept that he has set this in motion himself and comply or give a reasoned response as to why he cannot. A “no comment” is just not going to be sufficient on this.

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