Former Newcastle Striker Talks About Return Of Ex-Teammate

The Chronicle have reproduced some comments our new Loan Coordinator and former striker Shola Ameobi has given about our new signings. He has also talked about one special signing in particular, and that is his former teammate Andy Carroll.

Shola and Andy tried to form a strike partnership while in the Championship in the 2009/10 season but an early injury to Shola would force him to miss a big chunk of the season.

Andy, however, would go on to have an outstanding campaign which would culminate in him being handed the number 9 shirt to start the next season in the Premier League.

That season Shola and Andy got the chance to play more games together until Andy Carroll made his fateful move to Liverpool in January.

Shola has made the following comments about the return of his former teammate and sometime protege. This is what he had to say:

“You can look at the signings we’ve made as a club and be really excited about what this season holds. Fans should be excited about Carroll.

“He’s a local boy coming home and we all know what he can do, the effect he had previously.

“A fit Andy Carroll, there’s tremendous upside there about what he can bring to the club.

“He’s excited, he mentioned to me before how excited he was and also how nervous he was coming back into the stadium.

“That’s something for us to look forward too, come September.”

A lot has changed since Andy Carroll left for Liverpool in the winter of 2011. He will be back at a familiar place that holds a lot of fond memories for him. However, he will also be surrounded by a lot of strangers.

It will be nice to have some familiarity for Carroll when he returns to Newcastle United. Shola Ameobi will be on of those familiar faces that will help Carroll settle back at the club.

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