Alex Bruce Exchange With Journalist Will Not Be Helpful To Steve Bruce

Steve Bruce’s son Alex has taken exception to an article written by the Daily Mail’s Craig Hope. The article written yesterday after Newcastle’s narrow 0-1 defeat to Arsenal highlighted the substitution gaffe that ultimately led to Newcastle’s undoing.

Alex Bruce has come out today and defended his father which is admirable. However, this is not what is needed for Steve Bruce right now. Steve just needs to accept responsibility for the last 30 minutes of yesterday’s match and move on.

This is the exchange that Alex Bruce has had with Craig Hope.

We don’t think Craig Hope said anything wrong and we understand that it must be very hard for Alex Bruce as his father has not been well received by many in Newcastle. Yesterday’s second half did not do anything to help Bruce and that is just the way it is.

However, it was time to move on to Norwich and now Alex Bruce has stirred it up again by confronting a journalist who made a very astute and accurate observation.

Bruce needs to put yesterday in perspective and right the wrongs for Norwich. It should be taken as a learning experience and his focus should now move to getting the squad ready for a pivotal match at Carrow Road.

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