Lee Charnley’s Comments Ahead Of Arsenal Match Sound Very Familiar

The Chronicle has reproduced some comments from managing director Lee Charnley in today’s programme for the Arsenal match.

This is what Lee has said about the club’s financial health and use of funds to make Newcastle United as successful as possible:

“I have to stress that every penny we make really does go into making this club better.

“That principle has been debated and questioned, but we are audited independently and have to provide regular financial information and updates to the Premier League so there is no hiding place.

“We firmly believe our shared approach and vision gives us the best possible chance of reaching the club’s potential and achieving our shared aims over the medium to long-term.”

This club’s timing is just dreadful. They seem to pick the most inopportune time to make their infrequent communications. I mean come on, Lee. Why tread this same tired pasture again?

The club really have not had ambitious enough aims and that has been very apparent. However, if they are willing to start now then it is better late then never. Though, it is going to take action and not the same stock statements pulled from the Ashley files.

We will, however, support the manager and the team while we hope circumstances at the top change. Whether it is under new ownership or if this leopard does miraculously change its spots.

About those aims for this club’s potential, this is what Charnley has said about their goals for the League and the Cups this season:

“Those aims are often questioned, but we want to make our ambitions for the club clear: we want to compete as high as we possibly can in the Premier League and we want to win a cup.

“Upon speaking to Steve Bruce this summer, it was immediately clear that he shares those aims.

“Steve speaks very fondly about taking Hull City to the FA Cup final just five years ago and I know he would deeply love to do the same with his hometown club.

“Ultimately, we all want the same thing and that is a successful Newcastle United.

“With your support behind Steve and the players, we will give ourselves the best possible chance.”

We will certainly be behind Steve and the players, no doubt about that. A cup run would be fantastic but just hasn’t been a priority of this club for a long time.

If that changes this year, then great. But we will have to see it to believe it. It will also depend greatly on where we are in the League as to whether a go at a cup is feasible.

Let’s hope we can achieve these aims this season, but it will take a lot more than words to do so. Now is the time for action, and we have to take our first step against Arsenal today.

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