Allan Saint-Maximin Is Ready To Go For Newcastle

Lee Ryder has an exclusive interview with our new number 10 Allan Saint-Maximin in the Chronicle today.

This is a very long interview in which Allan explains his expectations for the season and how he has adapted to life in Newcastle.

This is a bit of what he said about meeting the fans and what they can expect from him on the pitch:

“They just want to say hi to me and I love that.

“I think I will have a good relationship with them I can feel it.

“Even in games, if I don’t score I want to run at defenses when I get the ball.

“I know they like that.

“Scoring and making assists is the most important thing.

“But I will be running at them.”

One thing we noticed about Allan is that he loves to talk about dribbling. This interview was no different. We also sense that he is loving it at Newcastle right now.

He seems so enthusiastic about the club and the city. He has already connected with the fans and must just be so excited this morning to play in front of the crowd today.

This is some of what Allan has said about coming to the Premier League and whether he can adapt to the English game:

“I knew I wanted to come to the Premier League so I got ready for it.

“I played for Nice in pre-season against Cardiff and Burnley so I knew what it would be like.

“I know what I have to do better, be quicker and stronger.

“You will see against Arsenal what I am all about.”

Allan has had a full pre-season with Nice before joining Newcastle so he will be ready for his debut today. He also should be able to handle the physical demands of the Premier League where others like Remy Cabella and Florian Thauvin failed to do so.

This is what the Frenchman has said about this coming season and how well the team stacks up:

“I think we can do good things.

“We’ve got very good defenders and a very good midfield.

“Sean Longstaff is very good.

“There are also good wingers too and I think we can do good things together this year.

We just love that he singled out local lad Sean Longstaff. Sean must really be doing well in training and may just have a monster of a season.

This team does have a lot of talent and it will be important for Steve Bruce to get the most of them this season.

Alan also mentions dribbling again when asked about what Steve Bruce has told him of his role with Newcastle:

“He said something I loved.

“Steve told me to dribble and run at defenders.

“That is exactly what I needed to hear.

“I think that was really important.

“He said to me if I run and do everything I can the supporters can’t complain.”

It will be important for Allan to remain committed even if things aren’t going his way. We think he has the desire and work ethic to do just that.

Finally, when asked why he joined Newcastle United this is what Allan said:

“Because it’s an amazing club, an amazing stadium and an amazing city.

“The first time I walked into the stadium I knew I wanted to sign.

“I had a good feeling in my body when I walked through the gates.

“It’s how I feel now.”

There’s a lot more in this interview and you can really get an idea of the type of player Allan Saint-Maximin is. He is supremely confident but is well aware of what he needs to do to be successful.

We can’t wait to see him in action along with our new signings and returning stars this afternoon.

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