Alan Shearer Sums Up Newcastle In Three Minutes

Alan Shearer has given some comments to Coral about Newcastle’s plight over the past 12 years and we feel he does a great job in explaining the situation of the fans going into this season.

The only point of contention we would have is that we think a lot of fans did believe in the takeover this time. However, Alan is right that Ashley does not want to sell the club.

We also hope, like Alan, that Steve Bruce can do a better job than expected this season. The signings this summer have been decent but most importantly the squad has been kept intact.

This is not where we wanted to be when last season ended but this is the situation that we are in. We still have Mike Ashley as our owner and we do not have Rafa Benitez as our manager.

However, Steve Bruce has done well in our opinion this pre-season in adding stability and getting the players to move forward.

We were very critical of Steve Bruce’s appointment and the manner in which he left Sheffield Wednesday.

We will admit that he has changed our mind a bit in the way he has handled a very tough situation. It is now up to him and the lads to make this work. If they can get the results to reach mid-table or beyond and play decent football while doing it, Steve Bruce will have been deemed a success.

It just shows the level that we are at, that mediocrity will be considered successful for Newcastle United. That is the stark reality at the moment. We hope Steve Bruce and the lads prove everyone wrong and have a run at a European place and some Cups this season.

It is going to be results that ultimately determine how Steve Bruce will be perceived by the majority of the fans. It starts today against Arsenal where surprisingly we currently have a majority that think the lads will win today in our poll.

A win would do a lot today to get even more fans behind Steve Bruce. We certainly are very excited but also nervous about today’s game. We just have no idea what to expect and that adds that much more apprehension prior to kickoff.

We will also likely see a diminished crowd at St James Park as some fans have made the tough decision to not attend this opening match. There will also be some demonstrations ahead of the game as well.

Our opinion has always been that this decision is a very personal choice and we hope that whether a fan attends the game or chooses not too, they are respected for their decision.

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