Steve Bruce Confirms Andy Carroll’s Incentive-Based Contract

Lee Ryder of the Chronicle has an article with some comments by Steve Bruce about Andy Carroll’s one-year contract.

Steve Bruce has confirmed that it is incentive-based as was initially reported. This is what Steve has said.

“It’s all incentivized about playing, for a start.

“And Andy made it very clear to me, a bit like myself, he didn’t hesitate to sign it.

“With the structure of the deal the way it is that Andy signed up to, it can only be a no-brainer because if he gets fit – and he’s back running – then you know as well as I do that Andy Carroll is Andy Carroll as a football player.

We are still a bit surprised that a modern footballer would agree to a contract based on incentives. It shows Andy’s passion for the club that he has signed this type of deal. Though it is for only one year, so he can still move on if things don’t work out.

Andy Carroll– back in the black and white

There is no confirmation as to whether the incentives are performance-oriented or appearance-oriented or a combination of the two. We would assume it to be a combination of both appearances and production.

There is a risk in contracts like these as the player must remain fit and could be hesitant on the pitch through fear of injury. Though it is somewhat of a catch-22 as they must perform as well.

We don’t think this will be a problem for Andy Carroll as he will be inspired to give his all for the shirt. We just hope that he will get the opportunity to do so.

This is a risk for Andy, though he will have confidence he can get back to his best. He has seemed very determined since he rejoined the club on Thursday.

This deal also is really a no-brainer for Newcastle. The only downside is if Andy can’t get fit and back on the pitch, he will have taken a squad spot from someone like Rolando Aarons.

However, right now we are still very pleased with the signing of Andy Carroll and can’t wait for his first appearance the second time around.

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