Report – Steve Bruce Will Have Breathing Room Even With A Poor Start

The Chronicle are reporting that Steve Bruce will be backed to start the season even if early results do not go well.

The Newcastle hierarchy seems to want to give Steve some assurances that they will not make any rash decisions in the short term as they understand the start to Newcastle’s season could be a tough one.

A look through Newcastle’s first few months of the season shows a real daunting string of fixtures.

Of course last year, Newcastle went through the first ten games of the season without tasting victory. They amassed just 3 points from 30 before being able to turn it around with 3 consecutive wins.

Of course, then we had Rafa Benitez and we had some faith that he could get us out of trouble, which he was eventually able to do.

The scenario that we would find terrifying is the one from four years ago under Steve McClaren when we started with just 3 points out of a possible 24 before a resounding 6-2 thrashing of Norwich.

However, McClaren could never get the squad to perform consistently and a lack of resolve from the Newcastle hierarchy to replace the floundering coach cost Newcastle dearly in the long run.

Steve Bruce– will be given time to get it right

There are similarities to that year to be drawn with this team for sure. However, there are stark contrasts as well. This team is built very differently from the one that suffered relegated.

This team has a foundation and a group of leaders that the 2015/16 one lacked. This team still has its core intact from last year. It was a core that never gave up and always had the desire to fight for the shirt.

This team has a captain in Jamaal Lascelles who famously gave his verdict of the 2015/16 squad’s attitude to Steve McClaren after he was sent off at Goodison Park. Nobody seemed to care. That man is the captain now and he will play a big role in keeping the lads focused even if the start is poor.

Since Steve Bruce has come in he has given the club back the stability it lost when Benitez left. He has hopefully seen that the foundation for success is already here and that all he has to do is build upon it.

However, Bruce knows the name of the game is results. He will have to get them. Newcastle will not risk relegation this time around. If this squad is in a relegation battle by Christmas, then we think Ashley and Charnely will act.

We do believe he will be given at least the first half of the season to make his mark. Whether that ends up being a mistake remains to be seen.

Though, we just don’t know what to expect right now. The start to this season is a mystery. We may end up doing much better than anyone could imagine or we may struggle. At this point, we just don’t know.

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