Steve Bruce Is Spot On With Why Adding Carroll Was A No-Brainer

Steve Bruce gave the following comments about Andy Carroll’s return to Newcastle this morning. We agree wholeheartedly with what Bruce is saying here.

“It all just came from a conversation with Andy really. He was desperate to come back, like myself I suppose, the big question is, can we get him back quickly and keep him fit?

“If he stays fit, a fit Andy Carroll is as good as you get. He’s determined to be successful here at his hometown club. It was a no-brainer really.

“He’s been in first this morning. He was back on the grass at West Ham in a running capacity. I’m not going to put a time scale on it.

“He’s not going to be seen in the next two or three weeks, but he’s here for the season so when the winter sets in, let’s hope we can see Andy Carroll.

“He’s not young Andy Carroll anymore. He’s at that veteran stage, but when the club sold him for a record fee, he was the best pound for pound centre-forward there was in the country.

“He can do a lot off the pitch and that’s why we bought him as well, to give us that hand in the dressing room.

“He doesn’t have anything to prove as a footballer, when he’s at his best he’s unplayable. When he got that move to Liverpool, he was unplayable at times because of his physicality, his pace, his power and his technique.

“He can help in the dressing room too. He’s a mature Andy Carroll now and when I spoke to him, all he talked about was his desire to come back and play for Newcastle.”

We feel these comments perfectly exemplify why bringing Andy back to the club is a good move. Andy is determined, experienced, and when fit adds an element of physicality that the club was missing.

The only question mark will be about his fitness as he has missed the vast majority of the past two seasons with a reoccurring ankle problem. The fact that he has come back on a contract that has low base wages but is loaded with incentives was shocking to us.

At 30-years-old Andy could have gone for what would have been his last big payday. While he was never going to get the wages he was on at West Ham, he would have gotten a nice wage packet from some club looking to make a flashy signing.

Mark Douglas has reported that he had multiple offers from the MLS in the U.S. where they are known to make these types of signings for big money.

Andy did not go that route. He chose to come back to Newcastle and it appears to us like that was all he had on his mind.

Andy Carroll– home at last

It makes perfect sense in so many ways to have made this move for Newcastle. There is little risk as it is only a one year deal. You get a player who is very experienced which can be a big asset off the pitch.

He can be a big help to a youngster like Elias Sorensen and even a first-team player like Joelinton. He seems prepared to do that and to resurrect his career in the process.

Andy is determined to make this work and you can see that in his comments yesterday. He will get a second chance to put on the black and white shirt and that could make all the difference in how this plays out.

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