Local Journalists Report Andy Carroll Back To Newcastle Could Happen Soon

Local journalists have been tweeting that Andy Carroll is in talks to rejoin his hometown club. The news is that Carroll is very eager to come back to Newcastle.

This is a move that does not have to happen today as Andy is a free agent and can be signed past the transfer deadline. It will, however, be quite apparent as to whether this deal is likely when the 25 man squad is announced. If there is a spot left open then it could be for our former number 9.

We feel this move is really a no-brainer for both the club and Andy as long as a reasonable contract can be sorted out. Andy will have to take a significant cut in the wages he is used to.

He will also have to prove his fitness as he continues to recover from his latest ankle injury. Though he had recently been given clearance to start training, he will be quite a ways from reaching full fitness.

This would be an excellent move by the club. We are short in the striker department and Andy would be able to offer a physical option that the squad lacks currently.

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