Matt Ritchie Doesn’t Do Neutral On Or Off The Pitch

Yesterday was media day at Newcastle and some players have given interviews with various press outlets. One player has caused a bit of a stir with some comments he has made.

Matt Ritchie has spoken with TalkSPORT in which he has referenced the unrest at Newcastle heading into the game against Arsenal this Sunday.

Here is a bit of what Ritchie has said.

This interview may see Ritchie get a bit of backlash from some fans. Especially the part where he mentions the honesty of the owner or why he doesn’t understand the current unrest.

However, Matt Ritchie is very passionate in all that he does. He obviously does not mince his words. He is a player that thrives on passion and gives everything on the pitch.

Matt Ritchie– passion for the club

It makes some sense that he is issuing a rallying cry before the season. The atmosphere around the club has been toxic this summer and some of that will have seeped through to the dressing room.

The mantra from the club since Steve Bruce has joined has been to move forward. What Ritchie says is no different, it is just said in a bit more of an outspoken way.

The players seem to have taken to Steve Bruce and his two assistants Steve Agnew and Steve Clemence. They seem to have settled under Bruce and from all accounts are very happy with his appointment.

Matt Ritchie also will also have a personal relationship with Mike Ashley. As Aleksandar Mitrovic alluded to last week, his personal interactions with Mike Ashley were generally positive.

We really don’t want any of the unrest to affect the players negatively as that could lead to poor performances. So if they don’t understand it, then maybe that isn’t too much of a problem. We want them to be completely focused on playing football.

While we disagree with some of what Matt Ritchie has said and feel that he maybe should have taken a more neutral position, we fully understand that Matt Ritchie doesn’t do neutral. He goes overdrive in everything he does.

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