Steve Bruce – Jetro Will Start And Allan Will Be On The Bench For St-Etienne

Hi Munster,

Yes after Rafa left, Ashley stayed, Bruce was made manager and with my old man passing on, I decided to take a break from all things NUFC, social media, on here, everything. Then we sign Joelinton, still I resist, then we sign ASM and Willems. I think I lasted 3 weeks!!

Really hurts seeing Arteta was our top target as coach. With these signings and Arteta I could almost have forgiven Ashley! Sadly we now have a Z list yes man with an appalling win ratio, very few goals scored and a dinosaur long ball style a la Allardyce.

If only Ash could get the right top coach with the kind of investment we’re seeing now instead of very, very occasionally throwing it behind McLaren and Bruce.

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