Linked Away Player Finally Speaks And Its Everything You’d Want To Hear

Lee Ryder has an article in the Chronicle with an interview from our talented central defender Fabian Schar.

Fabian has been quiet since his return to this preseason. He did send out a tweet saying “back on track” upon his return and also when he won NUFC TV Goal of the Season for his stunning strike against Burnley.

However, there were concerning links away for the player who had an outstanding first season at Newcastle. We kind of had an uneasy feeling about Fabian and how he truly felt about the situation with Rafa Benitez. We also had the same concerns with Martin Dubravka, who will hopefully start in tomorrow’s final preseason match against St-Etienne.

Fabian Schar– became a star last year

Fabian was linked with AC Milan this summer and you could just imagine him flourishing in Italy. So the link was very concerning.

But Florian has given an interview and has spoken of his focus for Newcastle. To be honest, it is very comforting to hear him speak so highly of this club.

Here is a bit of what he said about the links away and his focus on Newcastle:

“I had a really good season last season and I am looking forward to this one.

“The rest is not something I can control.

“People, can write things but I can’t affect that.

“I am really happy here and looking forward to the next season.

“I love this club, the fans and I have almost everything I need.

“I am really happy.

“Football is big business, there are so many things that happen so fast, and written down and not true.

“The players have to just focus on the football and that’s what I am doing.”

Phew, we are very happy to hear this from the Swiss international. He seems to be very focused on his job at Newcastle.

To be fair, all the players have displayed the same focus and commitment to the club despite the turmoil of this preseason.

It is a credit to their professionalism that not one player has demanded a move after Rafa Benitez’s departure. We really have a smashing bunch of lads at the club. It augurs well for the season ahead that they show such solidarity.

This is some of what Schar has said about Steve Bruce and his impact at the club so far:

“You can see on the pitch what he wants from us and the system he wants us to play fits our players.

“We feel really good and happy.

“The players are happy now to get on with this manager.

“We want to make a good start to the season now.

“Every player has to give 100 per cent and work hard for the team.

“It’s going to be a big season for us.”

One thing we have noticed is that all the players have come out in support of Steve Bruce and Fabian is no different. The mantra coming out of the club is to move forward. This is what you would want from the players.

It is time to move forward. Nothing can be done to change the past. The players are focused on the task at hand and if they can bring this into the new season they will hopefully be just fine.

We have to remember this is a talented group of players. We still have yet to see what a full season of Fabian Schar, Miguel Almiron, and Sean Longstaff can do.

While Steve Bruce is not Rafa Benitez, he is a very sensible manager. This will be the most talented group he may ever have had at his disposal. It is going to be a big season for Bruce and the team.

Fabian closes his interview with the following:

“I think everyone likes the new manager.

“His character towards the players, he jokes sometimes with us, and that gives us something our team needs.

“We are really happy to work with him and I am too.”

Steve Bruce has come into the cauldron and got right down to work. The focus of this group in not letting outside distractions affect them is really impressive.

While everything hinges on results, the tone being set by the players will be vital going into the season. With a few more additions, this squad can still be successful.

This does not have to be a rebuilding project. If Steve Bruce can build on what is here and if he is backed by the owner, then this season does not have to be a disaster.

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