French Target Has Arrived For Medical With Signature Flair

When ASM was first linked I described on here how he’s exciting but frustrating as his end product isn’t what you’d expect.

However he’s 22. Last season spent a lot of time up front after disputes with balotelli, viera and the club. Stats were 6 goals 3 assists. Not great but not bad in a primarily defensive team.

Season before, more time on the wing, 3 goals, 7 assists in less games. Scored a couple in the Europa league too if you want to add them.

To me that’s not too bad for 21/22 year olds. The fact is if he was getting double figures his price would not be the £18m or so we are reportedly getting him for and he’d likely have already got a big move.

Saying that, it’s frustrating seeing him do all the hard work and mess up simple situations but again, he figures aren’t actually too bad for a 21/22 year old player.

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