Moving Newcastle Forward – Mike Ashley Talks About His False Excitement And Ambition

If we are to believe Mike Ashley, then he has a new-found excitement and even ambition for Newcastle.

Not that this has come within weeks of the owner essentially forcing world-class Rafa Benitez out of the club.

For some of us, that was the last straw with Ashley, and we always thought if he would make his biggest mistake as the Newcastle owner and not meet Rafa’s demands.

He did that, and his spite and stubbornness forced Rafa out of the club.

We must now get rid of Ashley – who is like an albatross around the neck of Newcastle United.

Mike Ashley – this man must sell Newcastle quickly

And only Ashley could come out and say this about Steve Bruce – an under-whelming choice of manager following Rafa:

“For me, Steve is an amazing choice because, England aside, there is no other job for him.”

“This is his dream. What I want the fans to understand is that, in him, they have someone who absolutely cares.”

“He’s not worried about his expenses, all that crap. He wants to talk about Newcastle. I get excited by that.”

We will remind Ashley that Rafa – world-class manager though he is – was willing to be relegated with Newcastle and he brought us straight back up from the Championship.

And Ashley attached Rafa in the same article, but we know that Rafa cared a lot about Newcastle – at least as much as Steve Bruce.

And Ashley even had the gall to suggest he was excited about Newcastle’s future and even had ambitions for the club.

He went on to say this after he had visited the training ground to meet Steve Bruce – he rarely did that with Rafa Benitez:

“I go to the training ground, hot day, all lovely – you can’t help getting carried away.”

“I’m like, ‘What can I do to help? Can we get another one in? What’s he like, is he fast?”

“It’s one of the amazing things about owning a football club, the way you get caught up. It’s like someone has put something in your coffee.”

“You look around, you want to lift the place, hit the ground running. I hope we’re not finished at Joelinton.”

That’s about the biggest load of codswallop I’ve heard from Ashley – if he is so enthusiastic about the club, how come he has hardly attended any games over the last two years.

And Steve Bruce finds himself in an unfortunate situation with all of this.

We hope he can do well, but his management history doesn’t give us a lot of hope that he can make us into a top-eight club.

But he’s saying all the right things, and we know he is a straight shooter.

So we hope that even in these tough circumstances for our fans, we can all get behind Steve and the players – as we did with Rafa.

Steve Bruce is nowhere near Rafa as far as management skills go, but we know he’ll work his socks off to try to make Newcastle into a better side than last season.

We hope he is successful.

We also hope an ambitious owner will come in and secretly negotiate to buy the club.

And that it’s announced out of the blue before the end of the year.

That’s what I’m hoping for, and my son Neil is right when he keeps telling me I have to get over Rafa leaving.

He’s right there, but I am finding it very very difficult to do that.

But we must live in hope and look to the future.

So our best hope now is that manager Steve Bruce can over-achieve in the job – and that’s certainly possible.

We hope he does well, but we have to do our part – and support him and our players.

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