Steve Bruce Talks But Ultimately Results Will Be All That Matter

There are a couple of interviews that Steve Bruce has given this evening. One with TalkSPORT and the other was in the Mirror with Simon Bird.

They both seem to forge the same path as Steve Bruce sticks to what you would expect of him. He is in a tough situation but seems to be handling it well. He is absolutely correct in one aspect of what he says.

Ultimately it’s going to be results that determines how well he is eventually received and how long his tenure will be. And he seems to like the phrase “not everyone’s cup of tea” as he has used that again as he did when he first joined up with the squad in China.

For the time being he is not everyone’s cup of tea as many fans are still reeling that Rafa Benitez was allowed to leave. Then Mike Ashley added water to that grease fire last Friday trying to lay the blame at Rafa’s feet saying it was impossible to keep him.

That was a really self-destructive move by Ashley and it did Steve Bruce no favors at all. While there are still very vocal calls for a protest, we sensed that the mood was beginning to settle as what could be labeled as normal activities returned to the club.

Bruce and his only signing– will need at least four more scenes like this

The club had just made a record signing in Joelinton, who is now our Brazilian number 9. The players have rallied around Bruce and called for the club to move forward. Many spoke very highly of Steve Bruce including team leaders like Jamaal Lascelles and Isaac Hayden. It even seemed like Isaac may be willing to stay after having a talk with Steve.

A lot of those small positive steps were abruptly reversed with Mike Ashley’s self-serving public relations attempt on Friday night. Now with a few setbacks in the transfer market this weekend and today, the club needs to get back on track with some signings.

They need to focus on getting this squad ready for the long and arduous campaign ahead. Steve Bruce did not give too much insight into any current deals but did mention that he hopes that one or two can be added at striker. Well we certainly hope so too.

He unwisely ventured into the area of fan protests but basically just gave his opinion that he believes the fans will turn up. However, this was not something he should have touched upon in our opinion. It will come across as a provocation to some fans. While he seemed to just be praising the loyalty of the fanbase, it was perhaps best left alone.

Ultimately, it’s going to be results that determine what happens with Bruce and what happens at St James Park. But for there to be any hope of Steve Bruce succeeding, the powers that be need to get some transfers done and dusted. This squad cannot be allowed to go into this season like it has the past few seasons.

There will be no Rafa Benitez this time to piece together a tactic and mentality to get precious points. It will be up to Steve Bruce. And he may be able to succeed if given the right tools to do so. However if he is not backed with adequate transfers, it will be another dreary season for the Magpies. And another short spell at a club for Steve Bruce.

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