Mike Ashley’s Attempt To Exploit Fans Has Failed Again

George Caulkin of the Times was the first to break the news that Rafa was not returning to Newcastle. He had written an article a few days before the club released its terse statement of Rafa’s departure.

It turned out that George new all of this because he had already done a lengthy interview with the Spanish legend. He published that interview the day before Rafa joined Dalian Yifang and ended all hope of him and Ashley reconciling.

Here are few of his tweets as he really has been accurate in his reporting and he is absolutely correct in the assertions he makes here.

Mike Ashley has spoken which we all wished he would. However, we needed him to speak long ago. His interview last night was a complete joke and has turned into an utter public relations nightmare for him.

Nobody is buying what he is saying and George makes the excellent point that if Rafa took the “soft option” by going to China, then what was managing Newcastle in the Championship or as an underfunded Premiership club the past two seasons.

Ashley rarely speaks but when he does he just makes it worse. With flippant comments about his money basically being “wallpaper” and flat out falsehoods about putting every penny the club generates back into the club, the fans have grown to understand that this is a man who just cannot be trusted.

The timing of his comments are also so transparent. Basically, he has ruined himself and Sports Direct is in complete shambles. He now needs to turn to another entity to exploit. That is the Newcastle United fans.

It’s like what Michael Chopra tweeted a few days ago.

Mike Ashley has tried to paint himself as just a naive person who tried to do good but made a few mistakes. However, the painted veil had slipped long ago and nothing was left but the naked truth for all to witness. Mike Ashley is a manipulator and his attempt this time has failed miserably.

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