Mike Ashley Tries To Atone For Newcastle Mistakes But It’s Too Little Too Late

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Mike Ashley has seemingly atoned for all of his Newcastle mistakes. And while there have been many, we have to wonder why this is being done now. Well, our wondering is complete. It did not take too long to come to the conclusion that he is now willing to talk because he is in a heap of trouble.

We have to understand that this is a man in the abyss at the moment. This is a wounded animal with his back against the wall and he will do anything to escape the clutches of culpability. His empire is crumbling around him and we must take that into account no matter what he says.

While we accept his admonishments of how poorly he has run this football club, we are skeptical as to the true nature of his comments.

Why is he saying this now, on one of the darkest days of his career as a businessman? Where were these comments when Newcastle fans were in an unnavigable darkness as to the direction of this club? Nothing then when one of the best things to happen to this club in well over a decade walked away to China of all places.

So, it is now that he comments on Rafa. A full month after he released a statement of his departure. Not good enough. Not by a long shot. We’ve had a month to stew over this and now he comes out looking for sympathy. Like Rafa is the villain. Well, it’s too late for that. If what he says has any bearing on reality, then it should have been said long ago. It rings hollow now.

It is now that he makes these comments. Now when he does a mea culpa. Now when his skin is on the line. Nothing before. Nothing when Newcastle United fans were left on a razor’s edge between joy and despair. Now he comments when “no comment” has been his signature motto.

We have provided the link to the interview with Mike Ashley if anyone wants to read it. We do suggest that you do. These are the comments you would want from your owner. These are the comments that Mike Ashley should have made over a decade ago. The fact that he makes them today when his beloved Sports Direct is crumbling, speaks volumes.

He knows exactly what needs to be done to run this football club. He can play the mea culpa and the “I was naive” game all he wants. He has known all along what was needed, and he willfully failed to run this club as it deserved to be run. He failed us.

Again, a lot of what he says is absolutely correct. But why now? In conclusion, it has a lot to do with his current situation.

And Mike, if you truly believe what you say, it’s never too late to prove it. Invest in this club. I’ll call your bluff. Go on and prove that your words have meaning.

I’ll not hold my breath.

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