It’s Official – Newcastle Announce Joelinton As Newcastle’s Next Number 9



I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the main antagonist on this blog is you. You always come on here and have an agenda against others that dont see things like you do.

I did come on here and slate some of the performances and tactics under rafa, I did the same for mcclaren, pardew, JFK, souness, etc. I did so as I wasnt happy with what I saw. At least I’ve been consistent though, I’ll do the same to bruce if I disagree with squad selection or tactics.

You on the other hand bought a season ticket because rafa was manager, he got you back to SJP and all you proved is that you’re naive in thinking Ashley had changed. You’re exactly the type of punter Ashley loves, hoodwinked into parting with your money. Well done mate.

Dont be bitter with me or others because rafa left, he didn’t leave because our toon had a go at his tactics in a certain game on a blog, he left as he got serious wedge from china and knew that Ashley would never change.

I’ve said many times it doesn’t matter who the manager is nothing will change as Ashley is the problem, remove the problem then look at a world class manager by backing him. I’d rather rafa left then be here for his own sake and so fans can actually concentrate on the issue which has always been lurking in the background which is Ashley.

You can always go to Dalian blog and support rafa there though as it seems you think nufc had become rbfc, he’s gone, long overdue time to get rid Ashley now though but that can only happen by standing together, not by fighting amongst ourselves as you seem to love to do.

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