Micky Quinn responds when asked if he supports fan boycott of Newcastle

Newcastle United legend Micky Quinn shared he didn’t think a fan boycott of the club would solve a lot.

There is talk about Magpies fans boycotting the club’s opening league game against Arsenal and nine supporters’ groups even came together to release a joint statement calling for fans to avoid the clash with the Gunners after Steve Bruce was appointed (Source: talkSPORT).

However, talkSPORT host Max Rushden asked Quinn whether he supports a boycott, and he responded to suggest he didn’t think a boycott would work.

“I don’t think boycotts solve a lot, I really don’t,” said Quinn on talkSPORT (17:37, Monday, July 22nd).

“Cause I think there will always be Newcastle fans who will pay to go in and see their football team, they’re so loyal.

“What are they going to do? Kick Brucie out? Results will determine if that will happen.”


Quinn, who played over 100 games for the Magpies, clearly has the club in his heart and if he thought a boycott would work, he’d be one of the first urging fans not to attend the Arsenal clash. However, the Newcastle legend clearly doesn’t think not attending games will see Mike Ashley sweat and his reasons why make sense. The Magpies have one of the most passionate and loyal fanbases in football and while several may boycott, there will likely always be enough supporters who’d pay to attend games. After all, Newcastle did fill 97.9% of their stadium across their league games in the 2018/19 campaign, so a lot of fans would have to boycott for it to make difference (Source: Transfermarkt). Also Quinn is probably right to suggest if fans are boycotting to get Bruce fired, then they will likely be disappointed. If the manager is able to deliver positive results that see the Magpies steer clear of the relegation battle, Ashley isn’t going to suddenly fire him, just because fans don’t attend games.

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