Joelinton Deal Is Progressing But Length Of Contract Is Sticking Point

Goal journalist Ronan Murphy has tweeted the following update on Newcastle’s pursuit of Hoffenheim’s Joelinton.

It seems that things are progressing but the length of the contract is a sticking point. However, we would imagine this should not be enough to sink the deal.

The club will most certainly not want to give the player just a three-year deal if they are spending £36m on him. Since Joelinton is just 22 years old, the club will try to tie him down to a longer contract.

This is some confirmation that Newcastle are trying to agree to personal terms with Joelinton which shows the deal is progressing.

If reports are to be believed, the transfer fee should be £36m which hopefully will already be close to being agreed between the two clubs.

There was a report yesterday in Futbol Insider that Newcastle were concerned the news of this transfer was made public by Hoffenheim. If another club comes in for him, that could potentially raise the fee.

Newcastle are in the driver’s seat for Joelinton at the moment. We would think they can work out the length of the contract with the player’s representative without too much of an issue.

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