Isaac Hayden Gives Insight On Steve Bruce – Could He Be Staying?

Isaac Hayden gave some insight to when he played under Steve Bruce at Hull City during their promotion campaign in the 2015-16 season. He was on loan from Arsenal at the time.

After that season, he would make his move to Newcastle to help us get promoted.

Isaac commented on what it was like waiting for the manager to come in. Since he has played under Bruce before, he also spoke of what that was like:

“Everyone was waiting. It’s a big thing for the players, the manager coming in.

“Look, I’ve worked with Steve before. I know the type of manager that he is and the type of man that he is.

“In the circumstances at the club at the minute, I know he can bring togetherness.

“I know what he does on the training field and what style of play he wants to bring in. For us, at this moment in time, it’s a good appointment.”

“I think everyone’s realistic and knows where the club’s at at the minute. We haven’t got superstars in the team that are going to make the difference by themselves like other teams have.

“We’ve been over it with Rafa so many times. It’s well known. We’re a well drilled side. We’ve got players that care, want to do well and improve.

As I said, it’s about working together and sticking together. Hopefully, we’ll get the results needed.”

These are good comments from Isaac and they mirror what Matt Ritchie, Federico Fernandez, and Jamaal Lascelles said yesterday.

In order to survive this season, the players are going to have be united. We are very impressed with Isaac’s realistic outlook on the situation.

Isaac Hayden– improved so much under Rafa Benitez

He next gives some comments on the fans and seems to really understand the misconception that is often portrayed in the media about the expectations.

He also sounds to us like someone who may be willing to stay at the club this season. Though that just may be us looking at the glass as half full.

“It’s a massive job for him because of where he comes from and the affiliation with the football club.

“I understand where the fans are coming from, as I get what the fans want. I think there’s a lot of misconstruing about what they want. People talk about top six.

“I know what the fans want. They just want a team that progresses, wants to improve and wants to go forward.

“We get that. As players, the only thing we can do is try our best to improve ourselves and the manager coming in is going to do his best to improve us and get players in he wants.

“Everyone at the club who’s a football player has to buy into that.”

Isaac came on leaps and bounds last year after what was a rough start for him. We would just love it if he was able to stay with Newcastle this year but completely understand the situation with his family.

He has always been a terrific lad and these comments show just how grounded and pragmatic he really is.

While the appointment of Steve Bruce is a big step down from Rafa Benitez, this is the reality of the situation. Hopefully, a few good signings are in the works and this squad can be improved for the long season ahead.

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