Alan Brazil sends message to Newcastle fans who are planning to boycott Arsenal clash

Alan Brazil sent a message to the Newcastle United fans who are planning to boycott the clash with Arsenal in order to tell them they have to turn up.

Some Magpies supporters groups are planning to protest against Mike Ashley by not attending Newcastle’s opening league game against Arsenal, with one group releasing a statement shortly after Steve Bruce’s appointment (Source: talkSPORT).

Brazil shared that he understood supporters protesting outside Sport Directs but when it comes to matchdays, they surely had to get behind their team.

“I saw the protests on early morning television outside Sport Direct in the town centre, I understand that,” said Brazil on talkSPORT (6:14am, Thursday, July 18th).

“But come matchday, you’ve got to turn up, you’ve got to get behind your boys in black and white surely?”


What does Brazil expect Newcastle fans to do? The only way to send a clear message to Ashley is for there to be an almost empty St James Park for the clash with Arsenal. The Magpies owner wouldn’t be able to ignore a near-empty stadium and would no doubt have to take action to appease supporters. If Newcastle fans keep blindly following their team and putting money effectively in Ashley’s pocket, will he ever be motivated to sell? While it’s an extreme action to take, it’s not like vocal protest or banners have worked as Ashley is still at the club. Brazil may be urging fans not to protest due to how it would affect the Magpies’ players as he is an ex-footballer after all, but Newcastle fans can’t think about that. There will always be pros and cons to a boycott, and one of the cons will be that it won’t be a nice experience for members of the Magpies’ squad. However, until a better solution comes to light, the Magpies fans must do what they can to make their displeasure known.

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