Former Premier League Midfielder Puts Danny Mills In His Place

Danny Mills has appeared on talkSPORT and makes the common misconception that Newcastle fans expect too much.

The former England International made some questionable comments earlier about Newcastle in the wake of Rafa Benitez’s departure.

This is what Danny told Futbol Insider a few days after the June 24th announcement that Rafa Benitez would not return to Newcastle. The comments pertained to a player exodus at Newcastle:

“I think they will be able to keep them. They are not in a financial crisis where they need to sell. Mike Ashley is shrewd enough to look at it and run it as a business.

“Mike Ashley doesn’t need to sell and can keep his best players. It then depends on which managers come in and who he wants.

“I don’t think there is a brilliant player at Newcastle who lots of top clubs will want. There’s no-one in that squad who makes you say, ‘wow, he’s irreplaceable’. Who are the stars in that team?

“You have a nucleus of a decent squad and it needs three or four quality signings this summer. There no-one who can’t be replaced.”

Danny Mills has no clue about Mike Ashley. These comments suggest that Ashley is a normal owner just looking out for the best interest of his club.

This is categorically untrue. Mike Ashley doesn’t make any decision that is in the best interest of Newcastle United. Any suggestion otherwise is just incorrect. This isn’t an opinion.

Asserting that Mike Ashley is a normal owner is like saying two plus two doesn’t equal four. It’s just not debatable.

Danny is at it again but this time with the ridiculous claim, which often comes from the media, that Newcastle fans expect too much.

What a ridiculous comment to make. To suggest that Newcastle fans expectations are too high because they differ from that of the owner is just assinine.

An owner who is deliberately limiting the natural standing of this great club.

And to compare our situation to Bournemouth is beyond belief.

Well, we have had someone come out of the dark to tell it like it is. Yesterday it was Michael Chopra, a local lad.

Today it is former Norwich midfielder Darren Huckerby who did spend one year at Newcastle under Kevin Keegan.

This is his response to Danny Mills.

Thank you, Darren. This is the truth and it is beyond debate.

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