Alan Shearer – I Told Steve Bruce Not To Take It

Alan Shearer has written an article in the Sun about a conversation he had with Steve Bruce three weeks ago. During that conversation, the topic came up about what would happen if Steve Bruce was offered the Newcastle job.

This is what Alan Shearer has written in his article:

My advice to him that night was simple: “No, no, no, don’t take it.”

I said: “Why are you going to be any different to Keegan or Benitez? If you take it, you must be mad because you know how it works there.”

But Steve is his own man and I respect that. I can’t tell him what to do, even though he is a good friend of mine.

He was not Newcastle’s first choice to replace Rafa. He might not even have been their second, third or fourth pick.

It looks more like he could have been the last man standing — and Newcastle just knew he would probably take the job because he has always wanted it.

This is not too surprising that Alan advised Steve Bruce not to take the job. Alan knows all about Mike Ashley and blasted him in two articles last month in the Sun in regards to his treatment of the fans and Rafa Benitez.

We are a bit surprised that Alan has come out with an article making it public of the advice he gave his good friend.

Steve Bruce and Alan Shearer– Don’t take the toxic Toon job

Alan’s article goes in detail about the toxicity that exists at the club. He makes it clear that Steve Bruce is well aware of what he is walking into. Alan is very clear that Steve will have no excuses if he fails.

This is what Alan says about that:

But Steve can have no excuses at all if it goes wrong because he knows exactly what he is taking on.

He knows what is going on and what has gone on in the past. He knows how fed-up the fan-base is.

He knows how the football club is run, it is not a secret anymore.

This is without a doubt the toughest and most toxic situation Steve has ever walked into.

No job is impossible but this one is very, very difficult for so many different reasons.

The reasons that Alan goes on to explain are not only due to an owner who lacks ambition and is ambivalent about the club’s success. He also mentions how much the squad is lacking in depth and Premier League quality at the moment.

The club have yet to make any moves in the transfer market though there are some reports that Joelinton is close to being sealed.

Alan goes on about this summer’s preparation for the new season and how Steve is coming into a situation where he will desperately need to play catch up.

Steve is at a disadvantage already because all the other clubs have had weeks to plan and will have stolen a march on him.

He’ll do a good job just to keep Newcastle up this season.

We’ll have to see how Newcastle fare in the transfer window as they need at least six additions to a lop-sided squad. But yes, Steve Bruce will do very well to keep Newcastle in the Premier League this season.

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