Surely Steve Bruce Won’t Be Appointed On World Snake Day

Today Tuesday, July 16th just happens to be World Snake Day. It could also be the day that Steve Bruce is appointed as the next manager of Newcastle United.

One thing we noticed yesterday immediately after it was reported that Steve Bruce and his assistants had tendered their resignations at Sheffield Wednesday was the reference by both Sheffield Wednesday and Newcastle United fans to that of the slithering reptile.

Here are some of the fans on Twitter making that connection:

This club has become a laughing stock and it is such a shame. We still cling onto the fast diminishing hope that Steve Bruce will not be appointed.

We have nothing against him personally but we are a bit disappointed by his actions over the past few days.

We also don’t want to pile on at the moment as he will be under great duress if he does decide to take the position as manager of Newcastle United.

It would just be an unfortunate coincidence if he was announced as manager on today of all days.

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