Michael Chopra Does Not Disappoint In TalkSPORT Interview

Yesterday we had a report out about Michael Chopra’s pending appearance on talkSPORT.

Well, he certainly did not disappoint and finally, we hear someone who tells it like it is with regards to Mike Ashley.

TalkSPORT has sent out a tweet with some highlights of the conversation with Michael.

We were especially pleased with and agree with Michael Chopra’s sentiments in regard to the pending appointment of Steve Bruce.

This is what Michael has said about Bruce:

“It’s a tough one for him. He’s like myself, a Newcastle fan, a Geordie, and you want to be back home.

“Steve will always be thinking he’s the right man for the job and why not, you have got to have confidence in yourself.

“But if it doesn’t go right he’s thinking ‘what if I’d stayed at Sheffield Wednesday, we were on the verge of the play-offs last year and could have had a chance this year’.

“It could all backfire.

“If you’re in Steve Bruce’s shoes, a Newcastle fan, and Newcastle comes calling, you’re going to take the job.

“On the other side, the fans don’t want him. It’s hard, they’ve gone from Rafa Benitez, a world-class manager and one of the best in Europe, to – and no disrespect to Steve Bruce – but he’s a mediocre Championship manager now, he’s not good enough for the Premier League, especially not Newcastle United.

“That’s what’s been most disappointing for the fans. There’s been talk of Mourinho, Vieira, all these big names, and now they’ve gone to Bruce. I don’t even think he was their first job, Allardyce was, and now they’ve had to go to Brucey.”

That is exactly correct. Barring the classless way Bruce has left Sheffield Wednesday, Michael Chopra is spot on with his comments on Bruce.

We all understand his motivation in taking the job and don’t doubt his intentions. He is just not good enough. He is a “mediocre Championship manager”.

The biggest revelation came about Michael’s claim that he had put the club in contact with a buyer from Saudi Arabia. Michael mentioned this after stating the widely held opinion that Ashley does not want to sell the club.

This is what he said about the alleged buyer:

“I found a guy in Saudi Arabia at the end of last year who was very interested in buying the club.

“We spoke to Lee Charnley and he put us in touch with Andrew Henderson, Mike Ashley’s lawyer.

“We called him up, we wanted the mandate from Andrew Henderson to speak to the guy in Saudi about buying the club. Andrew Henderson said if he’s got that much money, is a royal out there, tell him to fly to London to see me.

“From that, I get that they don’t really want to sell the club. They wouldn’t give a mandate to someone who has found a buyer for the club.”

These are stunning claims and if he can provide further evidence, it would be a damning indictment of Mike Ashley.

We have long held the belief that Mike Ashley does not want to sell the club because it is a perfect situation for him as long as he is in the Premier League.

He gets the advertising for Sports Direct that he craves and with the high TV revenues, there is little chance of him having to worry about the financial health of the club.

Michael Chopra did a fine job today as a Geordie and we commend him for his willingness to speak on behalf of the fans of Newcastle United.

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