Media Catch Onto Newcastle’s Season Ticket Dilemma

The Daily Star and the Sun both have articles out this morning highlighting the amount of season tickets that are still available at Newcastle.

This is what Sam Meade writes in the Daily Star of Newcastle’s predicament with their unsold season tickets:

Newcastle have endured a difficult summer following the departure of Rafa Benitez and the failure to, as of yet, find a replacement.

Fans are not overawed at the potential appointment of Steve Bruce and seem to be venting their anger in the only way possible.

As of July 15 12,083 season tickets remained unsold – that is a significant hike on the 5,200 season tickets still available at this point 12 months ago.

The Magpies have put season tickets on general sale after the deadline for fans to renew passed.

David Coverdale for the Sun also writes on the subject though has different numbers than reported in the Daily Star.

Newcastle fans are hitting hated owner Mike Ashley in the pocket — with almost 12,000 season tickets left unsold.

Yesterday the Toon put them on general sale after the deadline passed for existing holders to renew their seats.

And when Sun Sport checked the tickets website, there was a sea of green on the St James’ Park map, with a staggering 11,710 tickets still up for grabs. That is 6,500 MORE than this time last year.

We think a lot of fans held off renewing season tickets to see what would happen with Rafa Benitez. With his departure along with the dreadful way the club communicated with the fans this summer, many fans have just decided to stay away.

It’s interesting to note that the club have extended the deadline for existing holders to renew. Well, they will have a hard time getting any to reconsider with the news that Steve Bruce is about to be appointed manager.

Maybe that is why we heard the Joelinton link resurface yesterday. As Luke Edwards reported that a deal was “in place”.

It seems that many fans have had it with Mike Ashley and his games. He has completely destroyed the foundation that was put in place by Rafa Benitez.

Paying £4m for Steve Bruce when he wouldn’t make any concessions to keep a world-class manager like Rafa Benitez is just a maniacal way to run a club.

We have to wonder since compensation has been paid for the first time under Mike Ashley, just how poorly Steve Bruce will have to do before he gets sacked. Ashley will not want to replace Bruce after paying such an exorbitant fee for him.

This season is shaping up just like 2015-16 when we were last relegated. There may be big money to spend but it will be on players with little regard to how the manager has the team set up.

We will also have a manager who will be hopeless but will be given a long rope with which to operate. Just long enough for this club to spelunk into the Championship again.

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