Ben Dawson Responds When Asked About Steve Bruce Appointment

The Chronicle have a report out about the press conference held earlier today for tomorrow’s first preseason match against Wolves.

The press conference was held at the Shangri-la Hotel in Nanjing and was given by Ben Dawson and Matt Ritchie.

When asked about the current situation with Steve Bruce, Ben Dawson gave the following response:

“The main aim is to prepare the players for the new manager coming in.

“The games will be competitive. We will try to win against Wolves then on Saturday to take the trophy back home.

“No news at this moment in time. We are waiting to hear along with everybody else.

“The players are working hard and trying to get a positive result for the team.

“All we can do is focus on the job out here. We have good staff and good players. We have worked hard training twice a day.

“We are preparing the players as we would for any fixture.”

This is a very diplomatic response by Ben Dawson who seems to have taken the lead role with Neil Redfearn assisting him in his caretaker duties.

We are very impressed with Ben Dawson and he looks like he will make a decent first team manager one day. Though at what level remains to be seen.

Ben Dawson– has done well this summer

With the dire appointment of Steve Bruce still not settling in too well with us, we have to wonder if Ben Dawson would not have been a better option as a caretaker until a more suitable could be identified.

We understand this would be a big risk and unlikely to work out too well, but we are just so disappointed with the way this whole Steve Bruce saga has unfolded.

The selfishness displayed by Bruce in shafting Sheffield Wednesday does not sit well with us. It belies the media’s claims of what a decent man he is.

It will be spun as Bruce coming to save his hometown club but we know better. He took on his so-called dream job and has discarded Sheffield Wednesday’s fans and owner like they were yesterday’s news.

So in conclusion, we would have preferred Ben Dawson over Steve Bruce.

Now it remains to be seen how the team fares against a very good Wolves side tomorrow. While it is all about fitness at this point, the team do need to show some sense of cohesion on the pitch.

A massive thrashing at the hands of Wolves will only add to the calamity of this summer.

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