Report – Bruce Would Be On Incentive Laden Contract

The Mirror are reporting that Steve Bruce would become the lowest paid manager in the Premier League upon taking the position.

According to the Mirror’s John Richardson, Steve Bruce would be offered an incentive laden contract with a base salary of £1M. His pay, however, could significantly rise if the team would finish around mid-table.

If these terms are correct, then there is little chance Mike Ashley is going to pay the full compensation fee for Bruce. Mike Ashley runs everything on the cheap and it is becoming very clear that he has no intention of getting in another Rafa Benitez-like manager.

Steve Bruce– pointing the way backwards

If this lasts too much longer, Steve Bruce may just decide to pull the plug. He will be very concerned that his relationship with the Sheffield Wednesday fans will be irreparably damaged.

Yesterday an angry Owl’s fan rushed onto the pitch and confronted Bruce during the preseason friendly at Lincoln City.

Steve risks an untenable future at Hillsborough if this drags on too much longer. That will have to be something he is mulling over right now.

Yesterday after the preseason match, Steve said he had to “take stock of the situation”. He really is in a no-win situation. The best outcome for him would be to come out today and just say he wants to remain with the Owls.

He is just not wanted as the next manager of Newcastle. It doesn’t matter if he is Geordie or not. The fans were not happy with John Carver when he took over for Alan Pardew.

They want a manager with a good CV and Steve Bruce just doesn’t have one. His salary at Newcastle would reflect that. Rafa Benitez got six times as much in base pay and was worth much more than that to this club.

Mike Ashley doesn’t see it that way. He got rich by cutting costs and peddling junk. He is running Newcastle United the exact same way.

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