Paying For Steve Bruce Is The Ultimate Shame

Steve Bruce is looking likely to make the trip to Lincoln City for Sheffield Wednesday’s first friendly of preseason as Mike Ashley continues to haggle on his compensation fee.

The Sun have a report out that states if Mike Ashley does end up paying the full amount for Steve Bruce, it would end up being more than was offered to Rafa Benitez.

While Bruce’s salary will be a lot less than what Rafa was on, adding close to a ridiculous £6m compensation package for Bruce and his assistants Steve Agnew and Stephen Clemence could come out to more than was offered to Rafa Benitez.

Rafa Benitez and Steve Bruce– while in the championship and hope was eternal

Where are the press in all of this? Where are the scathing pieces laying bare for all to see the wreck this club has returned to.

Rafa spent three years trying to resurrect our damaged and severely wayward club by building a foundation that was ready for some success.

The minute he leaves, it’s like Ashley took a sledgehammer to some load-bearing walls and the whole thing is about to collapse.

We are in a precarious situation where no decent manager wants to manage this club. And it is down to Mike Ashley.

He is so inept at running this club. He just will never change.

Kevin Keegan gave an interview in October on talkSPORT where he told the hard truths about Mike Ashley and referenced that Rafa was the only thing holding it all together.

This is some of what he said last year:

“I long for him to go because he’s not right for that club.

“He bought Newcastle like a wealthy man would buy a yacht or an expensive car.

“You can’t do that with football clubs, with the passion in the cities and the towns, and if there’s one club in the world you can’t do it with it’s the one he chose in Newcastle United.

“He cannot treat it like he does one of his shops.”

“There doesn’t seem to be any real long-term planning or strategy.

“There wasn’t any when I was there in that short eight months. It was hard as manager to get any idea of what the vision for his football club was. That’s very difficult – the direction has to come from the top.

“I’ve got maximum respect for Rafael Benitez, he’s the only thing keeping the supporters sane at the moment.

“They get it, they like him. Any other manager with the results he’s had this season would be under-fire, but the Newcastle fans understand what’s happening.

“I think Rafa is doing fantastically. He can’t be getting the hassle I got, otherwise he wouldn’t still be there.

“But I think he’s still getting some of the problems that were there ten years ago.”

If Steve Bruce has any sanity, he should bring this circus to a halt and get on with it at Sheffield Wednesday.

The Newcastle fans don’t want him and the Sheffield Wednesday fans don’t deserve being deserted by him.

While Newcastle United is a bigger job, it is not a better one under Mike Ashley.

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