Fans Could Lodge Official Letter Of Complaint To FA And Premier League About Ashley

Most fans have realized that the only way back to greatness for Newcastle United FC starts with one crucial step – we need to get rid of owner Mike Ashley.

Surely what he has done since our last game on May 12th shows clearly he has no intention of Newcastle having a top team and he has forced Rafa Benitez out of the club.

Which other Premier League club wouldn’t have given Rafa what he needed to make Newcastle great again?

Not many.

But Ashley wanted to retain control of the transfers and other things – in spite of his singular lack of success over 12 painful years, and so it was goodbye to Benitez.

And just for good measure – after Ayoze Perez had his best season ever for Newcastle scoring 13 goals last term – Ashley has sold him for £30M to Leicester City who will be a club we expected to be fighting next season for a top-eight place.

No such ambitions now.

Ashley has had the club lurching from one catastrophe to another in the 12 long and painful years he has driven Newcastle down to being a very ordinary club with a mediocre team.

And the owner has not signed a new manager yet – and the season starts in four weeks – and it’s also embarrassing that two of our U23 coaches will lead the team in the Premier League Asia Cup Trophy.

In a summer which we initially thought would be one of the best for Newcastle in many years, the club is yet to sign one new player.

In fact, a number of our top choices turned down the job because of Mike Ashley – and it didn’t take Rafa to tell anyone that Ashley has no ambitions for Newcastle other than to piggyback on top of the world-wide coverage of our home games and advertise Sports Direct to the fullest extent possible.

We play six top-six teams in the first 9 league games of the season, and after that, we could well be in the bottom three.

There are about one million Sports Direct signs at Newcastle – it’s a travesty to have the famous St. James’ Park wrapped in the robes of a company that has such a poor name in the retail industry.

Maybe some of the Newcastle fans groups can get together and write an official letter of complaint about the owner,  both to the Premier League and to the FA.

After all, what Ashley has done at Newcastle is the opposite of what the fans want.

We want Newcastle to become a top-six club again, and Mike Ashley has no plans at all to do that – it would cost too much money?

He’s not thinking of the club at all – he thinks only of Sports Direct and using Newcastle United as a global billboard for his company.

This is not what owners should be doing.

He even seems to be deliberately taking actions that will kill off any ambitions Newcastle fans have left – after so many disappointments since we hammered Fulham 4-0 on May 10th.

It must stop – and we must bring it to the national attention of those responsible for the running of Premier League clubs.

And when was the last time he attended a game – how many games has he attended in the previous two seasons?

This is precisely what shouldn’t be allowed to happen to football clubs – be used as a pawn to advertise the owner’s other companies which seem much more important than a Premier League football club.

That’s especially true when a club with the stature and rich history of Newcastle United is the club that’s being used in this way.

The possible adverse effect of an official complaint is that Ashley is so mean, selfish, and spiteful that he could attempt to make it even worse for the fans this summer.

That would be difficult but possible.

We need to do things to bring this state of affairs to national attention.

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