Sun Journalist With Takeover Scoop Still Claims Story Was Correct – Is Ashley The Culprit?

Sun journalist Justin Allen has been taking the abuse today from extremely upset Newcastle fans. The impending hire of Steve Bruce has laid waste to any hope that a takeover is happening soon.

While Justin was just doing his job and reporting the information he was given, some Newcastle fans have pressed Justin for an explanation of how it has all gone so wrong since his reporting on May 26th.

This is an exchange between fan David Pick and Justin Allen. Justin responded to the fan as he asked a reasonable question. For reference sake, the tweet that Justin sent saying “Not a single bit of guesswork” was deleted but he explains why in his follow up tweet.

Both the fan and Justin Allen are actually in the right here. David Pick is just asking for some accountability on what was literally the greatest piece of news any Newcastle United fan could have received. News which as of this date does not look likely to happen.

We also have to feel a bit for Justin Allen to be honest. He was reporting what he was told and for all we know at the time it could have been absolutely correct. We just would not put it past Mike Ashley to have sabotaged the whole deal.

We would not even put it past Mike Ashley to string the Bin Zayed Group along in the hopes that it would be reported, with the sole intention of crushing the hopes of Newcastle fans after it was. While that may sound cynical, would anyone really doubt he was capable of it?

Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed Al Nehayan– if Ashley is pulling the plug, we need an official statement

The Bin Zayed Group are also cloaked in mystery at the moment. We don’t fully understand their situation. If they are colossal time wasters, then they don’t comprehend the psychological damage they have caused a lot of people. But we will give them the benefit of the doubt unless more information comes to light.

If they are however forthright in their claims, then they have at least tried to enlighten the fans on the progress of the deal.

Mike Ashley has not done that. If BZG are frauds, then the onus is on Mike Ashley to dispel their claims and prevent the mass delusion of a possible deal. A simple statement would have quelled what has now grown into a behemoth of mistrust.

Right now, the culprit is Mike Ashley. It’s not Justin Allen. It’s not Peter Graves. It’s not Steve Bruce. It’s not Jack Colback. It is Mike Ashley. And you can throw Lee Charnley in there for good measure but for his incompetence as we will give him the benefit of the doubt in regards to motive.

Where do we proceed from here? That is the question. The answers are not easy but we must find some and soon.

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