Still No Formal Approach For Steve Bruce As He Takes Training

BBC Sports Journalist Adam Oxley is reporting that there has been no formal approach for Steve Bruce.

The Sheffield based reporter also claims that Steve Bruce is in fact at Sheffield Wednesday’s training ground this morning.

This is what Adam Oxley has tweeted:

Oxley’s information infers that this may not be imminent at all. He is clearly stating that he has heard there has been no formal approach from Newcastle.

Now it is unclear if there have been talks between the two clubs as we are not quite sure if Oxley is referencing just a formal approach for Bruce.

Sheffield Wednesday would have to reach an agreement with Newcastle for Bruce then be able to reach a deal.

It could be that there are some issues with agreeing on a compensation package for Bruce.

There have been discrepancies in the reported compensation fee for Steve Bruce. Some outlets say it is just £1m while others have claimed it at £5m.

Though we would not be surprised if Newcastle have yet to make any movement on Steve Bruce at all.

We will have to wait and see on this one. Newcastle are not one to move very quickly so the hold up could just be due to their meandering pace in getting deals done.

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