Sky Sports Reports Bruce Deal Has Been Held Up

Keith Downie of Sky Sports has tweeted the following update on Newcastle’s move for Steve Bruce.

We are really starting to have a lot of respect for Sheffield Wednesday’s owner Dejphon Chansiri. He is absolutely right to hold Mike Ashley’s feet to the fire in regards to any compensation for Steve Bruce and his staff.

The loss of Steve Bruce right now would be a big blow to Sheffield Wednesday. It is refreshing to see an owner who is fighting for the best interest of his club.

The only tool in Chansiri’s arsenal right now is the compensation for Steve Bruce. So he has every right to demand the entire amount and to hold firm for it.

Mike Ashley is in a precarious situation right now as it looks like he is running out of options. That should maybe tell him something. You would think it would dawn on him that if nobody of merit wants to work for him, then maybe he should rethink his ownership methods.

It is due to Mike Ashley’s dwindling selection of candidates that we believe Keith Downie quickly followed up his original tweet with a caveat.

Mike Ashley will probably end up paying the fee as it doesn’t look like he will get Chansiri to budge. To be honest, this is one time we hope Mike Ashley adheres to his rigid stubbornness and refuses to pay the fee.

We feel there are better options like Garry Monk. If we have to scrape the bottom of the barrel, why pay to do it?

It also looks like Mike Ashley was expecting to pay about £1m while Chansiri is holding out for the full £5m for Bruce and his staff. These were the two numbers that have been touted by different media sources and if correct, that would explain the hold up.

We have nothing against Steve Bruce personally but we just don’t think he is the man to push this club forward.

Duncan Alexander is a football statistician and author of the book Outside the Box: A Statistical Journey through the History of Football.

He has tweeted a stat that perfectly sums up why we do not want the deal for Bruce to go through.

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