Steve Bruce Asks Sheffield Wednesday Permission For Newcastle Talks

According to Paul Joyce who is a football correspondent for the Times, Steve Bruce has asked for permission to speak with Newcastle.

This is what Paul Joyce has tweeted this morning.

We have to firmly believe that Steve Bruce is the top candidate after the revelation that Sam Allardyce was offered and turned down the job.

It is in cases like this that the club does itself a great disservice. As this reporting came out last night and Sam Allardyce has confirmed it this morning.

But we have nothing from the club. So we have to just accept the words of the journalist and Allardyce that the report is true.

When contentious stories such as these blow up in the media, the club would do itself a lot less harm by commenting on it. Especially if it is not true.

Steve Bruce– Wait! I want to switch sides

If Paul Joyce’s reporting is correct, it looks like Steve Bruce will listen to what Newcastle have to offer. Though we already know that it will not be much.

But we do not want to be too harsh on Steve as he is from the area and is a decent man. We just have to come to grips with the descent our club has taken since the end of this season.

We were looking forward to having Rafa Benitez build on the solid foundation he set. He was to finally have a transfer budget to add a few key pieces and this could have been an exciting season.

It has all gone very weird and very wrong. Trying to find silver linings is becoming quite the task at the moment.

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