Sam Allardyce Confirms He Turned Down Newcastle

On talkSport, Sam Allardyce has confirmed the report from the Daily Mail that he has indeed been offered and rejected the Newcastle’s manager position.

This is what Sam has said to talkSport.

We just really don’t know what to say. Nothing personal to Sam Allardyce but he is just nowhere near the level this club should be pursuing. That is with personal history aside.

Steve Bruce is now the top candidate, you can bet your lives on that. He is a decent and honest man. After this news, we feel it would be in his best interest to stay as far away from Newcastle as possible.

This club’s hierarchy was gifted Rafa Benitez three years ago. It was not down to them that we had a world class manager.

It was a bored and available Rafa Benitez who pursued the job three years ago not the other way around.

Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley don’t have the ability to identify what is needed for this club. Which is why we have been relegated twice under them and struggle for survival 90% of the time.

Rafa and Sam– no comment necessary

Just when you think it can’t get any worse. We really have to question not only the competence of the people who run this club, but also the state of their morality.

Are they doing this on purpose? Do we have sadistic sociopaths running this club?

We can’t tell if they are just completely incompetent and trying their limited best, or if they are truly callous villains taking vengeance on the fans.

You just can’t tell and that is truly horrifying. Not even Sam Allardyce thought he was a good choice for the position.

Just an unbelievable turn of events after we have already witnessed the inconceivable this summer. What is next?

Nothing is off the table with this lot. We have to fully expect the worst possible decisions. There is no more of “well they wouldn’t do that”.

They are capable of anything. They are capable of things that will leave this fan base begging for Steve Bruce to join.

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