Unfortunately For Ashley And For Newcastle – Rafa Benitez Tells The Truth

Neil covered an article earlier today from the Sun’s David Coverdale who has put out a report saying that both Patrick Vieira and Mikel Arteta have been advised against joining Newcastle.

They were two of our better choices with the news yesterday that Steve Bruce – an average manager in the Premier league at best – is now the favorite.

Oh my.

Don’t be surprised by that because Lee Charnley has a terrible history of choosing managers – his two former choices were John Carver and Steve McClaren before Rafa was offered to us by his reps.

The first (Carver) almost got us relegated with the final game in 2015 being a 2-0 win against West Ham that saved us.

And we know what happened to McClaren – the job was way over his head form his first day at the club and he has us relegated, and we were in the bottom group all season long

But Ashley also wants a manager who will do what he wants to do – he wants to run (I keep misspelling run as “ruin” – strange that) the club in the same unsuccessful manner he has for 12 years – which is why Rafa had to leave.

Newcastle’s former manager Rafa Benitez – tells the truth

Rafa was never going to be that person long term, and he could take only 39 months at Newcastle, and he did great while he was here.

Here’s what Coverdale wrote today as a refresher:

“Manchester City No.2 Arteta and Nice chief Vieira were on the Toon’s shortlist to succeed Benitez.”

“But SunSport understands Arteta yesterday ruled himself out after speaking to his fellow Spaniard, who criticized those who worked above him at St James’ Park.”

“And Arsenal icon Vieira did the same last week following a similar phone call with the ex-Magpies manager.”

When people approach Rafa for advice, he will willingly give it after 26 years as a coach and a manager – and a successful one at that.

Rafa left becasue Mike Ashley was not interested in building a top six club and made it clear again and again that he would run a tight ship financially and limit the transfer money he gave to Rafa.

It should be no shock that Ashley is making people aware that the current Newcastle hierarchy are to be avoided, and therefore, it’s not a club to manage with Ashley still the owner.

It looks like we may have to scrape the barrel this summer – and the odds of our being related – and maybe in hopeless shape by the end of the year – increased while two things continue to happen.

A top manager is not appointed, and Mike Ashley refuses to sell the club.

This is the worst situation we have been in during the 12 years existence of this blog, and even when we relegated twice, we had some hope.

In 2009 the played banded together to play down below, and Chris Hughton did an excellent job for us but was fired a short seven months after getting Newcastle promoted at the first opportunity.

There’s what Chris got from the owner for promotion – none.

Mike Ashley seems to have no idea how to treat people with some dignity.

And we had Rafa back in 2015, and the fans were ecstatic he stayed even though we had been relegated.

While Ashley continues to treat managers like Keegan, Shearer, Hughton, and now Benitez as trash, the more he will have difficulty in recruiting a new manager.

Before he completely destroys our club, he must sell, and we should ensure the PL and FA know all about the way he has run this club into the ground for 12 years.

An incompetent owner if ever there was one.

OK – that’s all for now – I hope we all get better news to report soon – but I couldn’t find one today.

I have to confess about having some grave concerns for Newcastle this coming season unless things change – and change quickly.

Comments welcome.

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