Steve Bruce Unaware Of Any Newcastle Interest

Steve Bruce has commented on the vacant Newcastle United manager’s position and asserts that he has not been approached.

The Sheffield Star has the following attributed to Bruce:

“God only knows what happened on Tuesday afternoon. There seemed to be an upsurge (in the betting) from somewhere.

“John Terry was favourite (for the job) yesterday. It was Mikel Arteta the day before so who knows.

“As far as I am concerned, I am here, I am going home tomorrow and looking forward to walking the dog!”

Sheffield Wednesday are finishing up a ten-day preseason camp in Portugal and are due to fly back to England today.

It is interesting that Steve mentions the betting odds as being the catalyst for all the talk of “favourites”.

Yesterday the story originally was about his odds shortening, before Sky Sports reported of genuine interest in Bruce by Newcastle.

Luke Edwards of the Telegraph had the following tweet suggesting that Bruce has always been a strong candidate.

We did scour through the past few weeks worth of tweets from Luke and found the following retweet from the Telegraph.

Bruce does seem to be unaware of any interest, though you can never really tell.

However, he doesn’t explicitly say he would not be interested if he was approached. Though it doesn’t look like he was asked that question specifically.

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