Statement From London Magpie Group To The Fans Of Newcastle United

Due to the dire state Mike Ashley has allowed our club to disintegrate too, we have agreed to put out information provided to us from the London Magpie Group.

We were contacted by them recently to see if we would assist in their effort of ridding Newcastle United of the scourge of Mike Ashley by providing information on our blog.

They are trying to unite many fan groups into one cohesive unit to best get the message to Mike Ashley to relinquish his ownership of this football club.

We agreed to assist them in getting their message out to the Newcastle United fanbase.  However, we want to stress that we would not call for any fan to boycott or not boycott St James Park.  That is a decision that is up to the individual.

Both the London Magpie Group and this blog are well aware of the ulcer-inducing angst of any fan to have to make a decision like this.  So we do not do this without hesitation.

However we are in uncertain times, and each day that passes under Mike Ashley’s dominion is a day more of degradation for this club and its supporters. In times like these, information is of paramount importance.

So we have provided at the link below, a message from the London Magpie Group.

Boycott Arsenal Statement

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